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2016 LAKE FORK TACKLE: 9" Needle Worm

Lake Fork Trophy Lures debuted its new 9" needle worm last week leading up to the Mcdonalds Big Bass Splash. The new LFT 9" needle worm received great reviews and was our number one seller throughout the weekend. Anglers were having great success with it while drop shotting and using it on a shakey head. The new Lake Fork Tackle 9" needle worm will be available in 9 colors now with more to surely be added as we progress with this great new bait. It will also be uploaded to the website soon but can be ordered through our customer service dept. now. The colors that we plan to have this product in are listed below. Pearl, Blue Bruiser, Magic Shad, Chartreuse Pepper, Sour Grape, Black Magic, Albino Shad, Watermelon Red Flake, Watermelon Red / Blue Flake, Green Pumpkin / Gold Copper, and Root Beer You can read about the latest field testing results on Lake Fork Guide Billy Lawson's fishing report by clicking the read more tab.

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2016 Lake Fork Tackle: Bass Fishing Innovatiion

During the winter fishing break, when the bass fishing slows down considerably, Lake Fork Trophy Lures discussed a variety of new soft bait designs and lure colors for 2016. Weighing all of our options, considering a variety of fishing situations and bass fishing techniques, Lake Fork Tackle opted to introduce four new soft bait colors: Tomato, Black Magic, Lavender Shad, and Green Shad while simultaneously unleashing a familiar color, Sun Perch, in existing soft baits. Prior to releasing these new product colors to the public, the Lake Fork Trophy Lures' pro staff members tested each color on a variety of big bass fisheries, including our home lake, Lake Fork, in Emory, Texas. There's no doubt that Lake Fork Trophy Lures is known for creating soft plastic baits and lures that catch giant largemouth bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass, but we were eager to see how the fish - specifically largemouth bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass - would respond to these new colors in the various product lines. After a month of testing, reviewing, shooting action images, and filming videos, we realized just how insanely effective these new colors are. LFT Pro Staffers reported and photographed largemouth bass from 6-10 pounds, several 3-4 pound smallmouth bass, and quite a few spotted bass between 1.5-2.5 pounds. Of course, it's early in the fishing season and with the pre-spawn and spawn starting off with a bang, Lake Fork Trophy Lures is preparing for a massive influx of eager bass anglers using bait colors that the fish simply haven't seen.

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