Needle Worm


SKU: 5201-330

Delivering a big profile with a tremendous, lifelike action, the Needle Worm is perfect for triggering big strikes and putting a kicker fish in the boat.  Measuring 9-inches in length, the Needle worm features a tapered profile, which gives it a meaty body and a thin tail. This makes it easy to rig and still allows it to come to life with the slightest provocation.  Extremely deadly for a variety of applications, the Needle Worm can even be fished on the back of the Lake Fork Hissy Fit to complete the slithering baby snake topwater presentation. 

Crafted from Lake Fork’s exclusive soft-plastic formula for maximum movement and durability, it is also infused with a heavy dose of garlic scent for additional attraction as well.  Available in a wide range of proven bass-catching colors, the Needle Worm has what it takes to tempt the big ones.

Quantity Per Package:

  • 9ct