Swim'n Slug


SKU: 2014-330

Crafted with an advanced design, the 4" Lake Fork Live Swim’n Slug offers a deadly combination of action and profile that is sure to make fish hungry. Featuring Lake Fork’s patented Swim Slots combined with a streamlined, tapered body shape, the Swim’n Slug delivers a natural swimming action and a highly effective side-to-side body roll that bass cannot resist. These features make in an excellent choice for jigheads, bladed jigs, drop shots, and weightless presentations as well.

The Swim’n Slug is made for super soft and durable plastic that is also infused with a heavy dose of salt and garlic scent, which causes fish to hold on longer and gives anglers more time to set the hook. Available in a wide range of realistic bass forage patterns, the Lake Fork Live Swim’n Slug provides a plethora of fish attracting attributes that will help you catch more fish. 

Quantity Per Package:

  • 10ct