Wacky Hook & Weight System


SKU: 3101-016

The Lake Fork Wacky Hook & Weight System is a cutting-edge system designed to make fishing a wacky rig easier and more effective. A specially designed circular weight with a strategically placed hook slot allows you to rig your bait precisely, while also helping to prolong the life of your soft plastic. 

The Lake Fork Weedless Wacky Hook & Weight System features a custom wire weedguard for increased weedlessness, as well as, a small 1/32-oz weight toward the eye of the hook shank, which generates a more realistic fall and balanced presentation.

Available in multiple sizes, the Lake Fork Wacky Hook & Weight System is an innovative new solution for fishing one of the most popular bass fishing presentations around. Pro-tested and tournament-proven, Lake Fork Trophy Lures’ mission is to provide anglers with innovative, quality fishing lures that are reasonably priced and made in the USA.

The larger diameter ring is best for the 7" Hyper Worm, Hyper Stick or 4" Ring Fry.

Quantity Per Package:

  • Weedless: 2ct
  • No Weed Guard: 3ct