M-Pack is back

Lake Fork Trophy Lures is proud to bring the innovations of Mark Pack, an Elite Series and FLW Tour pro and renowned bait designer, back to where it all began.

A Changing of the guard


A revolution in open hook baits is underway

We are excited to build on the legacy of the Structure Guard™ lures.

Structure Guard™ is a vast improvement over the age old brush guard and has numerous applications beyond just jigs and guards against more than just brush.

We all know fish relate to prey and structure. The M-Pack line of lures will take you into and
out of any structure whether it be brush piles, rocks, boat docks, trees,
cables, pads or any types of standing grass. The super weed less design allows
you to Fish More and Snag Less.

Guard against structure, not just weeds.

The patented Structure Guard is a game changer in avoiding hang-ups when fishing heavy structure compared to the traditional weed guard.

Umbrella Rig

The patented M-Pack Structure Guard eliminates tangles and gives you the highest chance to avoid getting hung up.

How to change the trailer

Simple and quick to change the trailer with the M-Pack Structure Guard.