Lake Fork Worms


SKU: 1177-035

Perfect for attracting that kicker fish, the Lake Fork Worm measures in at a massive 10-inches in length and also features a large diameter ringed body that releases tiny air bubbles for a natural breathing action. At the same time the bait's bigger profile helps to conceal the hook, and its large double-curled tail delivers an enticing swimming action when retrieved or on the fall. Garlic scented and salt-impregnated like all Lake Fork soft plastics, the Lake Fork Worm has the bulk to work through the heaviest cover and the flavor to make fish hold on longer. Pro-tested and tournament-proven, Lake Fork Trophy Lures’ mission is to provide anglers with innovative, quality fishing lures that are reasonably priced and made in the USA.

Quantity Per Package:

  • 8" - 10ct
  • 10" - 8ct