Magic Minnow


SKU: 2500-330

The Magic Minnow is a downsized version of our larger game fish Magic Shad swimbait. We offer this incredible swimbait with three distinct tail types for different applications.

The Boot Tail has been combined with the patented swim slots of our Magic Shad for a slower, smaller baitfish swimming action. It is perfect for horizontal swimming techniques for crappie and other game fish, such as slow trolling multiple poles (spider rigging), casting and swimming the lure as a trailer on a bladed jighead. For vertical jigging you can rig the Magic Minnow with a traditional jighead hook.

The Sickle Tail Magic Minnow swimbait features a narrow sickle tail, whether fished vertically or horizontally the action is aggressive. The slightest movement gives this lure the enticing action of a small baitfish. The swim slots only amplify this tail action for all fishing techniques, rigging methods, and speeds of retrieval. And this includes vertical jigging, slow trolling, or casting and retrieval.

The newest addition to our well known swimbait family of lures is the new Pin Tail Magic Minnow. This 2 1/4" micro swimbait is destined to be a classic. Its unique patent-pending design provides tremendous action from its combination of swim slots and a pintail to entice all types of gamefish, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie and bream.

Quantity Per Package:

  • 15ct